Arvand Danesh Banyan Sabin Polymer Company - Private Equity - Registration No. 7778 with the subject: carrying out all contracting activities including design, calculation, implementation, supervision, investment and consulting of industrial projects of chemical, petrochemical and polymer industries, including production, assembly, packaging, Buying, selling, clearance of goods, export and import of all permitted commercial goods related to the company's activity, participation in tenders and auctions, entering into contracts with domestic and foreign natural and legal persons, obtaining loans and facilities in Rial and foreign currency from all public and private banks. and domestic and foreign financial and credit institutions, obtaining and granting representation from domestic and foreign companies and institutions, participating in specialized and non-specialized international exhibitions inside and outside the country, all activities related to the subject of the company were established and with the participation of distinguished university graduates and young industrial elites with the aim of 1) producing and trading knowledge-based polymer products; 2) providing industrial consulting services in solving process bottlenecks of new compound products; In December 2018, the establishment was registered and successfully started working. Then in 1400, with the aim of developing the company and its growth, the composition of the shareholders changed and the members of the board of directors were different from the founding team of the company.

  • Quality
  • Knowledge base
  • Development oriented
  • creative

Mission and vision

With regard to the extents in the polymer industry, we are determined to use our experiences and abilities to remove existing obstacles and improve the performance level of your company by providing smart solutions and professional advice in various stages of supply, development, production, marketing, Sales and exports to share in your smart and sustainable development.

  • DevelopmentBased on the structure of the knowledge base
  • human resourcesYoung colleagues
  • ProductsUp-to-date equipment and complete production line
  • CooperationBeside you to grow up

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It is our honor to contact us, to develop and progress together.


We have guaranteed the quality of our products by using up-to-date equipment and machines from reputable foreign brands and providing suitable raw materials relying on our knowledge.

Products and development

Our colleagues in the research and development unit are constantly developing new products and optimizing current products by communicating with experienced technicians in this industry and having a proper understanding of the behavior and properties of materials and complete information about the market's needs.


Considering the knowledge-based nature of our products, we proudly announce that we adapt the company's products according to the needs of our customers.


Considering the conditions of the polymer industry and in line with our ethical and professional duties, we are committed to stand by you by exploiting the potential in the company to support and cooperate in the production of your products as well as the development of the market.