Adhesive tie

 Maleic compatibilizers are used in metal pipe coatings and interlayer adhesives of five-layer polyethylene pipes.

Pipes with multi-layer structure including polyethylene or networked polyethylene as the outer layer and aluminum or steel metal layer as the central layer have a special place in piping systems. By improving thermal and mechanical properties, these pipes are used for new applications that require high temperature and pressure.

The polymer and metal layers in this structure are incompatible with each other and show weak adhesion to each other. To solve this problem, it is necessary to use interlayer adhesives to promote adhesion and improve compatibility between layers. These adhesives, having dual nature and functionality, are able to establish a strong bond between polyolefin (PE) layers. or PEX) and metal (Al or steel). Improving the adhesion of different layers by using inter-layer adhesives provides the possibility of producing pipes with desirable and optimal properties.