Coupling agents, additives to improve the dispersion and adhesion of powdered mineral fillers or glass fiber fillers based on raw materials were created. A material compatibilizer that can create a high ability to make the hydrophobic substrate compatible with the hydrophilic substrate. The compatibility created by the maleic compatibilizer can improve the mechanical properties, colorability and adhesion of the products.


PP injection coupling materials are also called maleic anhydride compatibilizer, maleic anhydride graft, maleic polypropylene, grafted polypropylene, PP compatibilizer, and coupling agent. It is one of the most widely used compatibilizers of polypropylene and various fillers that are used in the production of calcium carbonate compounds, talc, glass fibers, plastic wood, polyamide alloy with polypropylene, sack bags, plastic containing fillers such as carbonate, talc and glass fibers. This product improves the properties of the compound, increases the amount of filler, reduces the price, and better distributes the filler. The main applications of this product are the same as polyethylene grafted with maleic anhydride and they are used in common industries. The application of this product is in: production of vegetable disposable containers, disposable containers and calcium carbonate, plastic wood industry, production of plastic car parts (car engine parts, bumpers, painted car parts, gas tanks, etc.) and in recycled compounds.

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