Composite Industry

Composite Industry

Sabin Polymer adapters can be used as compatible for different types of composites. It is used to promote interfacial adhesion between recyclable materials, such as wood and plastic.

۱٫ Plastic wood composites Sabin polymer adhesive is used for greater compatibility between wood powder and polyolefin and the ability to add more wood powder to the system.

۲٫ In carbon fiber composites that are mostly used in different industries of the country, Sabin tie is used for more compatibility between carbon fiber and polymer.

۳٫ In polymer composites with glass fibers, Sabin tie is used for compatibility of the polymer with glass fibers and increase of the composite properties.

۴٫ Polyolefin composites with soot or calcium carbonate for more compatibility of filler and polyolefin and the possibility of using more filler and making the composite more economical, use a polymer Sabin adapter.

۵٫ The use of polymer Sabin compatibelizer causes polarization of polyolefin and more colorability.

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