Maleic Anhydride Masterbatch (Agent Coupling)

Maleic anhydride masterbatches or coupling agents are additives to improve the dispersion and adhesion of powdered mineral fillers or glass fiber which reinforce fillers with raw materials. Maleic anhydride coating or Agent coupling masterbatch known as Maleic acid masterbatch can provide high capability for hydrophobic bed compatibility with hydrophilic bed. The compatibility created by the maleic anhydride masterbatch in Sabin Polymer can provide a great attraction for improving the mechanical properties and coloring of the products. Malbec Compatible Agent Masterbatch Couplings are widely used in the field of mineral composite masterbatches.

Maleic Anhydride Masterbatch (Agent Coupling)

Agent Coupling Masterbatches or Maleic Anhydride Masterbatches based on Polyethylene (PE Agent Coupling or PE Male Compatible) and Polypropylene (PP Agent Coupling or PP Maleic Compatible) are manufactured by the reactive extrusion process with nature-compatible technical knowledge. Coupling agents have many broad advantages for bonding minerals to the polymer base. Coupling agents produced by Sabin Polymer are among the highest percentages of malic elongation on polymer chains.

Application of Maleic Anhydride Masterbatch or Agent Coupling Masterbatch

Polyethylene grafts with maleic anhydride masterbatch (PE-g-MA) are used on the polyethylene base which are one of the most widely used polyethylene adapters and various fillers. Applications of this product can be used in: Production of calcium carbonate masterbatches, production of polypropylene glass fiber composites, production of plastic wood composites, production of starch composites with a consumption rate of: 1-3% polymer base, talc and carbonate compound (use in single containers, master Calcium carbonate, etc.), in the case of telecommunication cables, polyethylene cladding chassis refers to (metal pipes, interlayer, high-pressure joints, five-layer pipes) and improves composting properties, increased filler content, reduced price, better filler dispersion, better wetting, preventing sticking, staining the surface of the pieces, poles Building, better adhesion filler and fiber, allowing greater use of wood fiber, increasing the percentage, the color of the bumper, enhance the quality of carbonate masterbatch, compound glass fiber and polymer plants. The main applications of this product in the industry include: production of disposable containers, calcium carbonate masterbatches, plastics, telecommunication cable coatings, pipe manufacturing and coatings, production of interlayer adhesives, production of high pressure sealing fittings.

Introducing PE-MA Polyethylene Masterbatch

Polyethylene modified with maleic anhydride as a reactive extrusion-adapted substance, also known as polymeric adhesive, contains modified polyolefin with functional groups capable of bonding to a wide range of polyolefin, polyamides, ethylene. They have vinyl alcohol, polyester, polycarbonate, polystyrene and metals. Applications of this product can be used as a COMPATIBILIZER in polymer-to-polymer or wood-polymer composites of other materials. It is also used in a variety of industries including automotive, piping and packaging (tetrapack), masterbatches and more.

Polypropylene Grafted with Maleic Anhydride (PP-G-MA)

Injection PP coupling materials, also known as maleic anhydride compatibilizer, maleic anhydride graft, maleic polypropylene graft, polypropylene graft, PP coupler and coupling agent, are one of the most widely used polypropylene composites and filters in the production. Carbonate, talc, fiberglass, plastic, nylon alloy with PP, sachet, plastic containing filler such as carbonate, talc and glass fibers are used to improve the composting properties, increase filler content, reduce price, better filler dispersion. The major uses of this product are similar to those of grafted polyethylene with maleic anhydride and are used in common industries. Application of this product in industries including: production of disposable vegetable containers, disposable containers and calcium carbonate, in wood plastics industries, used in the production of automotive plastic parts (automobile engine, shield and auto parts, gasoline tank, …) and in Combined with recycled materials.

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