Automobile Industry

Automobile Industry

The main application of Sabin Tie is in polymer tank and car fuel system. Sabin Tie is used as a resin layer in integrated plastic fuel systems.

This polymeric compatibilizer is available in granular form. This high performance adhesive resin demonstrates long-lasting adhesion, toughness, high aging resistance, and enables system suppliers and installed fuels to provide fuel components with low penetration and excellent durability.

Gasoline tank includes gasoline reservoir and all injection parts (gasoline inlet, hose head, brake wire clamp and heating plate screw base) which are welded on the gasoline tank with hot plate welding technology.

HDPETie SabinEVOHTie SabinRegrindHDPE

The industry’s top multilayer fuel system components use EVOH as a penetration barrier.

By chemically reacting to EVOH, Sabin enables cost-effective production of multilayer tanks. The main feature of these tanks is resistance to the penetration of volatile gases. This superior resistance to gasoline permeability ensures that it successfully passes the required standards for gasoline tank production.

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